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Custom Powder Coating Sidebyside


Long Lasting, Durable and Economical

Powder coating is a finish that can be applied to any metal. When compared to paint or other finishes powder coating is more scratch resistant, does not chip when applied properly and is overall more durable and less susceptible to fading. Powder coating will provide your project with a longer lasting and more durable finish. 

Environmentally Friendly

Powder coating does not contain any harmful chemicals that can be found in other traditional finishes, such as paint. No volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are found in the powder coating process this makes the process eco-friendly and safe. This is only one of many environmental benefits to the powder coating process. 

Any waste that is created during the powder coating process is not hazardous and can be discarded safely in a landfill. Transfer efficiency of powder to metal can be up to 90% if the process is done correctly. Less waste in the process saves both the customer in project costs but also the environment. In some cases the powder waste can even be recycled and collected leaving very little waste. 

Compare these results to wet paint which contains harmful chemicals, that have been known to cause harm to the ozone while also creating hazardous waste that takes special precautions in regards to disposal. 

Extensive Color Options

There is an extensive array of options when it comes to choosing the powder coating finish color. 

Powder coating is not only limited to just colors but 

can also be applied with many other textures. 

Metallic and glitter, Hammertone, Wrinkle, Clear,

High-Gloss, Flat, Candies, Satin, Iridescent, 

Fluorescent and more. 

STR Custom Coatings provides all of these colors and textures that are the perfect match to any custom project that you may have. 

Rapid Turnaround

When comparing powder coating to other finishes, powder coating has a much quicker and time efficient process. Once the part is pre-treated (chemically or by sand blasting), the powder will be applied to the part and then put into an oven that takes between 20 minutes to an hour to cure the finish. As soon as the part is cool enough to handle it can be used and put back into action. This process is drastically different from traditional paint processes that can take days to cure. 



          Bumpers                                            Side by Side Rollcages                  Patio Furniture               

          Brake Calipers                                 Handrails                                             Chasis

          Cylinder Heads                                Valve Covers                                      Sheet Metal

          Catwalks                                            Wheels/Rims                                    Gates and Fencing

          Motorcycle Frames                         Quad Frames                                     Automotive Parts  


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