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Powder Coating In Cortez

Powder Coating Services

Thank you for stopping by, we look forward to meeting you and discussing your project. At STR Custom Coatings we are able to accommodate projects for industrial powder coating, automotive powder coating, residential powder coating, oil field powder coating and other applications that you may have. We take pride in the quality of our work and we know you will too.



Contact us for a free project consultation and quote.

Let us help you put the perfect finish on your project. Here is a list of our most common projects- if you don't see what you are looking for give us a call, we would love to help.

Powder Coating Automotive Parts             Powder Coating Patio Furniture               Powder Coating Motorcycle Frames

Powder Coating Valve Covers                     Powder Coating Frames/Chasis             Powder Coating Wheels/Rims

Powder Coating Gates                                  Powder Coating Catwalks                         Powder Coating Railings

Powder Coating Fence                                 Powder Coating Roll-cages                      Powder Coating Sheet Metal  


STR Custom Coatings recommends powder coating for any type of metal project that you may have. Powder coating is a more durable finish than a traditional wet paint with less down time and environmental concerns. Below you will find information regarding the powder coating process and how it compares to other finish methods.


How it Happens:     

PRE-TREATMENT: This is the most important part of the powder coating process and if not done correctly the integrity of the powder coat will be at risk. There are multiple ways to pre-treat your metal project before the powder coating process can begin. The purpose of this process is to clean the project of any mill scale, rust,  oil, grease, paint or any other product that may hinder the powder coating process. The pre-treatment phase also creates corrosion protection and better adhesion for the powder coat. Typically there are two ways to pre-treat the project either by sandblasting or by using steam.

          SANDBLASTING: At STR Cutsom Coatings we typically sandblast all of our projects as a pre-treatment This                    process. Sandblasting takes compressed air and projects sand, or other material (media), which then is used on            the metal surface to strip and clean the surface. The materials that we choose to use for sandblasting media                  range from biodegradable to recycled media such as crushed glass.  Most of the excess media is recycled and            reused. Each media has its own benefits and we will pair the correct media with each project that comes                        through our shop. We also offer sandblasting services as a stand alone service.  

          STEAM: Steam treatment is a beneficial option for pre-treating metal when the metal cannot be sandblasted,                for example aluminum. This process takes a mixture of water and biodegradable non-phosphorus chemicals                and produces steam to clean the project. The chemical in the steam not only cleans the metal surface but also            etches the surface to allow the powder to adhere better to the metal, giving a durable and quality finish.  

NOTE: Both sandblasting and steam pre-treatment will strip off any surface oxidization on steel, this may allow the metal to rust within hours if not kept in the proper environment. We take special precautions against this and make sure that each project that is stripped to bare metal is kept in a dry environment. 

POWDER APPLICATION: To apply the powder to the project we use a state of the art electrostatic gun. This gun provides a positive charge to the powder as it is discharged from the gun. These positively charged particles are then attracted to the grounded project that is being powder coated. Due to the electrostatic nature of this process we can control the amount of over spray and product waste to as minimal as possible. With our electrostatic gun we can also provide a consistent thickness during application. 

CURING: Once the project has had powder applied the next step in the process is to cure the powder coat. To cure the powder the project is moved into a curing oven. The project is then heated to the appropriate curing temperature and the project is heated for the proper amount of time. Curing temperature and time vary between projects and different powders. After reaching curing temperature and time the project is then pulled out of the oven and allowed to cool.

NOTE: In some cases the powder application and curing process may be repeated, for example with candy colors, some textures and anything that requires a clear coat. 


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